What We Do

Standing Start coaches do absolutely whatever it takes for you to improve your performance on and off the track. The coaches have many resources to use, have extensive training and experience to help take your program to the next level. They have many years of professional racing experience, coaching experience, but most of all a great enthusiasm for coaching. Standing Start coaches have a passion for motorsports and want to help drivers reach their goals.

In order to reach these goals, not only do the coaches have experience and training to help you raise you get to the next level, but the have many tools to use as well. All of Standing Start’s coaches are experts in the following:

  • Data Analysis
  • Video Analysis
  • At Track Observation
  • Mental Preparation
  • Feedback
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Team Dynamics
  • Networking

Standing Start coaches are trained to get to the root of the issue the driver wants to fix or improve upon. Time again, we see other coaches addressing the end result, but without digging deep enough the issue is never resolved – it becomes a short-term fix. Standing Start coaches fix the cause, not the effect. We want each driver to improve, make what they have learned their own so they can work on reaching the next level.