Why do I need driver coaching?

If you are serious about taking your driving program to the next level, you have to have a driver coach. A Standing Start driver coach will be your personal consultant at the track. Not only can the coach give you a clear way to improve, he can help accelerate your learning curve – you will become a better driver sooner. Especially for the career-minded racer, now it is a handicap not to have a driver coach. Many up and coming drivers utilize this resource. If you want to progress faster than your competition, you need a coach

Can I select the coach I want to work with?

You can select any Standing Start coach to work with, but please keep in mind that we have been in the business for years – we are really sensitive to the coaching dynamics between coach and driver. While you may want a particular coach, we may recommend another one who we feel will be a better fit for you

Do I handle travel arrangements for my coach?

Standing Start handles all of the travel arrangement for the coach. You are responsible for the coach’s travel expense, however, we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible.

Can I have a coach at any track or event?

You can have a Standing Start coach at any track or any event. You personally hire the coach to be your consultant for the event, it is your discretion to have that resource. Standing Start coaches do a very good job integrating with a team – they know their place and what role they are there to do. Most teams welcome having a driver coach, the team has the same goals as you do – to succeed.

Are discounts available if I sign up for an entire season?

There are season and half season long discounts available if you lock in your resource early. Standing Start coaches are in high demand , and their availability is limited once the racing season starts. The amount of the discount will be determined by the amount of racing and testing days for your season.

Can I share a coach with my teammate?

You can share your coach with your teammate, however, that will give less time for your coach to focus on you.