Who we are

Standing Start is the new standard in driver coaching and development. The program is designed to take your performance on and off the track to the next level. It is for the serious racer who wants to get the most out of themselves, and to improve every weekend. Standing Start coaches work very hard to ensure that the driver is learning and improving. The coach also expects – demands – that the driver has the same mindset. It makes for an intense day at the track. We’re not for everyone.

The staff at Standing Start is very well trained, and has many years of racing experience at all levels and types of motorsport. Our coaches have a racing background coupled with many years experience working at national driver schools and private coaching. With the training all Standing Start coaches receive they make for a clear choice in resources for your driving program. The experience at Standing Start runs the gamut of professional racing, from Karts to Champ Car, and Sports Cars to Stock Cars. Whatever type of racing you are working to excel at we have a coach available to help you reach your goals.