Available Programs

Includes two karts for lead follow instruction. Student kart is equipped with Pi Data system to better analyze students progress/performance. Price includes all travel, kart maintenance, fuel and tires.
** Student is responsible for any crash damage
$1645 at Infineon Karting track (Sonoma, CA)
$1550 at Dixon Karting track (Dixon, CA)

Many top-level athletes utilize a coach. Those who have hired a personal coach have done so because they subscribe to two overriding beliefs. First, we cannot see our own mistakes and second, if we are not getting better we are getting worse. Coaches present a plan to the driver before the event with specific goals. During the event they monitor progress and steer the driver towards a positive outcome. Days after the event the driver receives a detailed report on what goals were achieved, what still needs to be worked on, and tips on moving forward.

One-on-One Coaches:
All Standing Start coaches have experience from being a successful driver in their own right. They also have credibility and empathy with drivers of all skill levels. One-on-one coaches provide:

  • A positive attitude, with the primary goal being on-track performance
  • Analytical feedback
  • A proper image, appropriate to any professional race environment
  • Clear communication both verbally at track and in written pre and post event reports
  • Basic data analysis proficiency
  • A straight forward analysis of performance without the coach’s ego interfering
  • The ability to accurately observe from the track-side what the car and driver are doing
  • An environment for the customer to succeed in, coaches will not solicit for sponsorship or funding for their own careers
  • Another team member, after all it is a team sport and the coach must be able to work with mechanics and engineers alike

One-on-One coaching is $1,000 per day plus expenses.

Driver Mentoring Level Coaches:

  • All One-on-One services
  • Team Player: if it means fetching lunch so the driver will perform better, then our coaches will do whatever it takes
  • Significant data analysis proficiency – besides interpreting, coaches know the software of many systems in and out
  • Additional In-depth reporting
  • Driver/Team Liaison who can help with the delicate relationship between drivers, driver’s parents, and a team
  • Driver Chaperone/Mentorship, this may include meeting the driver at the airport or hotel and helping them get to and from the track
  • Dietary Guidance
  • Physical training guidance
  • Career guidance
  • Media guidance
  • A mentoring coach who understands pro-racing, the commitment, and the long days

Mentoring coaching is $1,285 per day plus expenses.

Driving Instructors meet you at the track and work with you to see where improvements can be made. They are there every session as your second set of eyes, and they can review data and video in between sessions.
One on One Instructor-
$700 per day
plus expenses
Includes a personal instructor who monitors your at track performance and who will provide feedback on chassis set-up and driving technique.

Group Instructor-
Car Clubs, Racing Series, and Track Day groups all can use some insight into ways to increase on track performance.
$850 per day plus expenses for 2 drivers ($425 per driver)

$975 per day plus expenses for 3 drivers ($325 per driver)
Include an instructor who monitors your groups at track performance and who will provide feedback on chassis set-up and driving technique. (Multiple instructors are available for larger groups.)

Standing Start can design a program specifically for your groups needs. Here are some of the items we have provided to groups over the past few seasons.

Driver Development Clinic-
$1700 per driver including exclusive track rental
(based on 5-15 participants)

One day clinic in your own racecar: Skid Pad exercises, Threshold braking training, medium/high-speed cornering technique as well as full course instructing.

Data/Physical Fitness Seminar -
$500 per driver (based on 10-20 participants)

Includes:  Half day training in how to read Data Acquisition and half day seminar from the people who manage fitness programs for Carl Edwards and Lance Armstrong.  Specifically focused on physical fitness and preparation for racing.

Standing Start Performance Seminar-
$200 per person (based on 20 participants)

Full day classroom seminar from renowned performance driving coach Ronn Langford aimed at helping drivers achieve their on track objectives through mental preparation and training.

*Racing radio headset helmet installation: $250 (includes parts and labor)
*Radio rental per event (up to 3 days) $100 – includes 2 radios
*Portable GPS Data Acquisition system available at $125 per day.